Welcome to Under Victoria. This website is aimed at telling beginners what caving is all about, and how to get started with caving in Victoria, and also for experienced cavers to learn a bit about the state, and consider going ‘Under-Victoria’. I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback, by clicking the contact tab.

I’m pleased to report that as of October 2020, the site has had a full overhaul including editing the content and getting rid of the unnecessary (and rather embarrassing) stuff I had previously. The site now describes over 100 Victorian Caves and I will be adding more caves as I go.

As of December 2020, caving is now possible again in Victoria if you have a Covid-19 Caving Plan. The responsibility is on caving clubs to do the right thing, so please if you are planning on caving, have a plan and stick to it, so that Parks Victoria continue to trust us.

Just a reminder that this site is sponsored by The Wilderness Shop and Bogong Outdoors. You can get all the caving gear you need at either of these places. This site wouldn’t exist without their help, so please support them if you can.


If you are completely new to caving, I’ve got a shortcut set up for you. Click here: