There are multiple granite boulder caves in Victoria, with three extensive ones that are used frequently – in fact they are used more than the limestone caves. Granite caves are different to limestone caves in that they are not formed by the same process, rather carved out by running water in a different type of rock. They are frequently used due to their location and the fact that they are generally not challenging. There are basically no decorations in granite caves, such as crystals or formations, due to the different way they are formed. If you can imagine a big pile of jumbled rocks with a river running through the middle, that’s your typical granite boulder cave. The do usually have glow worms though, which are interesting to see.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to damage to the caves and the ecosystems within and around the caves, all information about the granite caves in Victoria has been temporarily removed. This is to save the sites that have already sustained a lot of damage from misuse and overuse. If you would like to see one of the granite caves near Melbourne, my advice would be to contact a commercial caving provider, as most of them use those caves.

If you do go on your own to any of these caves, be aware that navigation can be really difficult, and there are many more rescues for cavers getting lost here than anywhere else in Victoria. These caves are confusing and even experienced cavers can get lost. My advice, as usual, is only go with an experienced guide, be it someone who has been there before or someone who runs a commercial group.

This will be reviewed in the future. Whether the information is re-posted will depend on review of the cave environments and implementation of harm reduction strategies. Please do not email for information as it will not be given. Thanks!