My name is Tom Aberdeen, and this is my Victorian caving website. The project began in mid-August 2012 and went live in September 2012. The website began to be overhauled in late July 2019, in an effort to get rid of all the typos and bad grammar. I realised there was some pretty embarrassing content and quite a few factual errors, so in October 2020 I overhauled it further to really try and make it correct and appropriate.

The vast majority of the images have been sourced from people I know or photos I have taken. The site was originally viewed by Parks Victoria, VSA, VLCT, CDAA, and the ASF and all of these organisations are happy with its content as of the original time of writing.

The sponsors of this site (The Wilderness Shop and Bogong Equipment) are contributing towards the running costs and I am making no profit whatsoever, and I cannot recommend them highly enough either – be sure to mention this site if you purchase any gear from them.

This site does not make any money. It is an effort to share knowledge about caving, and in particular caving in Victoria which is often missed amongst the other more well known caving areas and states.

The website now describes over 100 Victorian Caves, and I’ll be adding more as I go. 

About me

I started caving in 2003. My very first trip was with a commercial provider, and soon after that I joined the RMIT Outdoors Club, and the now defunct Caving Club of Victoria. CCV folded due to lack of members, and I then joined the VSA in 2004. In 2005/2006 I spent two years in the UK caving with WSG (Westminster Speleological Group) and SWCC (South Wales Caving Club). I returned to Australia and caved with VSA until 2013. I took a break from caving from then until mid-2018, and have started caving again since then, including getting this website into a more credible state. .

Given that there is no official publication or web site on caving in Victoria, I thought I would put everything I have learnt down on paper and make this site. I hope you find it interesting and entertaining, and even to perhaps see you underground at some point. Any feedback you have is welcome, so email me at for any queries / suggestions / corrections etc.

Tom (Author) at the top of Midnight Hole, Ida Bay, Tasmania.