Limestone Creek

Limestone Creek is north of Buchan and is very close to the NSW Border, flowing into the Murray River. The main limestone area is Sheehan’s Bluff which contains 11 caves and is nearly 1km long and 100m wide. There are several other smaller cave-bearing limestone deposits in the area. I have heard of 2wd cars making it to Limestone Creek, but a 4wd would be a much better bet. The caves are in general small, shallow, simple but do contain some good decoration. Think Buchan but smaller, not as deep, and crawlier.

Like Buchan on a smaller scale.

Pendergast’s Cave

Complex cave with small stream at the lowest level. It has approximately 100m of passage, although it is rumoured that the stream can be followed for quite some distance. No equipment needed. Rating: 1.5


One of the deeper caves in Limestone Creek (15m approx) with two short ladder pitches of 8 and 5 metres. A straightforward cave. Rating: 2

Sheehan’s Cave

Horizontal permanent inflow cave which sumps off 100m from the entrance, with 200m of total passage. This connects with LC-10. The sump is presumed to connect to LC-2 Cave. Rating: 1.5

Caver in scalloped passage in Sheehans Cave, Limestone Creek. Photo by Garry Smith.

Caver in scalloped passage in Sheehans Cave, Limestone Creek. Photo by Garry Smith.


Permanent outflow cave approximately 120m in length. A wet and muddy cave mainly made of stream passage.

So close but so far – Indi is worth a mention though

INDI: Indi is a similar small area which is very close to Limestone Creek but is technically not Victorian as it is controlled by the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service, Not Parks Victoria. 4wd is required to get to Indi. If you do go to Limestone Creek, then it would be silly not to go to Indi as well as they are so close. As the author has not been to Indi, and that it is not in Victoria, I cannot present any information on the area and I suggest to contact the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service and a Canberra or Sydney caving club. Indi also requires permits for all caving.