Rest of Australia

This section details the other parts of Australia that the author has personally visited (basically the south easter corner of Australia – NSW, Vic, SA and Tas). Of course there are hundreds of other caves in QLD, NT, WA but as I have not been to those areas I will not include them.

The best state on the mainland to be a caver in is probably NSW, which has a dozen or so different caving areas. Although you could argue the best state is South Australia with the huge Nullabor that contains thousands of caves and is still nowhere near fully explored. However the common opinion is that the overall best state for caving is Tasmania. The caves down there are world class. Still not deep or long by international standards, but amongst the best decorated in the world.

So read in this section about NSW, SA and TAS briefly. Every area is different and has different merits. The diversity in different caving areas is one of the beauties of the sport.