Under Victoria

Hi there and welcome to Under Victoria, your complete guide to caving in Victoria. It is my hope that those with no knowledge of caving will be able to walk away knowing everything necessary to start caving, and also for those already involved to give information on this often overlooked state. For interstate cavers who have found this site I hope there is enough information to plan a trip to Victoria, particularly due to the diversity of our caves and the number of caves we have, especially in the Buchan region.

Under Victoria has been updated and received a face lift as of September 2019, and the content has been checked and revised, so everything you read should be accurate.

I’m happy to announce that Under Victoria now describes over 100 Caves from across the state.

Also please note: As of September 2020 the website is gradually being upgraded and some new features being added. The email address on the ‘Contact Us’ page is now working again. Stay tuned for some exciting new features and more content.

Another note: As of October 2020 there is no caving occurring in Victoria due to the Corona Virus. Caving is seen as an indoor activity and as such is not allowed in groups. This will be reviewed regularly based on the advice from DHHS.

This page would not be possible without the support of the Wilderness Shop, in Box Hill, Melbourne and also Bogong Equipment in the CBD of Melbourne. Both of these shops are the leaders in selling caving gear, and can order pretty much any piece of equipment you would need at a good price. This includes SRT (Single Rope Technique) gear, helmets, lights, carabiners, rope and anything else you might need.

Thanks also go to: The Victorian Speleological Association, The Victorian Limestone Caving Team, Parks Victoria, The Australian Speleological Federation, The Cave Divers Association of Australia and to all the people I have caved with over the last 20 years who have each contributed to my knowledge, without which there would be no Under-Victoria!

So enjoy the site and feel free to give any kind of feedback, and I will answer any questions. Just note: CAVE LOCATIONS ARE NOT GIVEN OUT on this site, so don’t even ask. Also please note that the site is not affiliated with any caving club, it is independent and only affiliated with the official sponsors mentioned above.

Enjoy! And I hope to see you underground one day.

Tom Aberdeen